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Channien is home to a variety of human nations, cultures, and kingdoms, as well as a few remnants of the elder races. long ago the primitive human tribes were brought under the wings of the elder races, who guided and protected them from outside threats. in time, some family lines of the Ermen nation unlocked the secrets of magic. they began a quest to unite their fellow humans under one rule, so that mankind could successfully defend themselves against the powers of darkness, and take their rightful place as equals of the elder races. they did so peacefully at first, but when it became clear that most nations would not submit they turned to force. with the advantage of their magics the Ermen conquered most of their brothers, while the elder races mostly remained neutral in the internal human dilemma.

At first the C’Ermen (“First of the Ermen” or mage/noble rolled into one) ruled benevolently, but over the course of 2000 years they grew decadent and corrupt. the majority of the magelords used their power ruthlessly against their subjects, and each other when they could get away with it. they used foul magics with no consideration of moral consequence. most humans lived in a state of unfreedom similar to slavery.

In the 2027th year since the coronation of the first emperor of men, a rebellion was sparked by a middle class Ermen citizen soldier by the name of Azriel, who claimed he had heard a revelation from the highlord (the creator of all things). Azriel was aided by several other figures who had heard the same call. they all became icons of the rebellion, and are today recognized as saints with large cult followings. it took 13 years, and the death of St Azriel and the emperor, for the rebellion to free the continent from magelord rule.

It has been 1021 years since the rebellion ended. in that time the nations of man have formed and torn apart numerous states, though in the past 2 centuries the tendency has been toward numerous small, more stable states. a small, but powerful and determined remnant of the C’Ermen remain in power on the island of Er. Today Channien is mostly at peace, though parts of it are perched rather precariously and could turn to open war in mere weeks.

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