Ryseth is on the verge of major political upheaval. an assassin loose in the Royal palace managed to slay a handful of noblemen loyal to the king and made an attempt on the kings life. strong circumstancial evidence suggests that the kings most noted rival, who has the support of many other powerful nobles, may have been involved. there is currently a tense political stalemate over the issue, but if either side makes a move against the other the kingdom could easily break into civil war.

on top of this, the northern regions of the kingdom are suffereing from brigands, and there have even been rumors of orcs and other monsters haunting the region.

on the plus side, due to the banditry supply is low and demand is high. if you can manage to get your goods to market there is good profit to be made.

Ryseth is primarily populated by people of Ermen descent. the capital of this nation used to be known as Ry, which was the birtplace of Saint Azriel. the fellowship of St. Azriel used to be headquartered here until it relocated to the occupied territory that the fellowship had carved into the Island of Er.


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