The Road Less Travelled

Book 2 - Epilogue

War Recap

• The party survived the Orc fever and chase back to Bagnesport
• The party was healed by a Cleric of St Jenen.
• The city was besieged by Asudithian forces for 7 days. Heavy losses. Had to hole up in the city’s sewers
• The siege was relieved and the Asudithians retreated to north of river.
• 3 weeks later the party captures prince Ujharcalaun (roughly translates from Arcane as Mystic Judge), allowing their side to negotiate an end to hostilities with Asudith.
• War with Empire resumes. Eventually two legions are forced to flee home and one legion is besieged in the city of Novele
• With the war in a long stalemate, the mercenaries are dismissed. The party catches a ride toward home with the Ryseth forces

Post War News

• Unrest in occupied Pelevin has increased. Some open acts of hostility toward the nobility and those who work for them. this unrest is spilling into Ryseth
• Northern Ryseth is experiencing problems of lawlessness in its countryside.many blame Pelevin for inciting the commoners.
• The gold mining town in the north was found to be depopulated and burned when the first resupply caravan came from the south. no survivors or evidence of who is responsible.
• The Freeholds of Wodith have driven off the Giant invasion, but towards the end of the conflict also began dealing with undead. the fighting has ceased for now but the cause or leader of the incursion has not been identified.
• Markus the warlock has escaped from his imprisonment in the Savram mage’s tower. one day, seemingly on a whim, Guild Master Eric Radoux and two journeymen took the prisoner from the tower and began to journey to the guild’s headquarters in Wyrmcastle. a week later the two journeyman’s bodies were found by the roadside and later identified. They had made it about two days south of the city. Both died seemingly in their sleep with mysterious black handprints on their chests and no other visible wounds. Master Eric’s body was found back in his home’s basement in Pheld, dead of dehydration. There was no sign of Markus.

At the beginning of next session the party will be in the port city of Marzio in Ryseth. It is that last day of the equivalent of August

This concludes “The Road of Bones” and opens “The Sunless Garden”


more like road of animated bones trying to kill you constantly.

Book 2 - Epilogue

That title didn’t fly as well in focus groups

Book 2 - Epilogue