The Road Less Travelled

Book 2, Session 7

Player 2 has entered the game

The party stayed in the healer’s tents at Corley for 4 days before being judged fit to recover on their own. during this time the bright blades were assigned a new liaison from the Ecclesiocracy, Sir Leonardo Di Landris. The next two weeks were spent training and patrolling for Orcs in the region, with no success. on this last trip they found something…

Several hours into the morning patrol while walking through a particularly old and dark patch of forest a small pack of Orcs tried to waylay the party. Sir Albrich was cut by a befouled orcish Arrow and Peitri took an unpleasant cut from a rusty, dirty axe, but the fight was otherwise unremarkable.

Sir Leonardo and Sir Itzal tracked the orc party’s trail back to a stream, but lost it there. at this point just over 4 hours into their patrol. They decided to head back to Corley via a different rout so they could cover new ground along the way.

About an hour later the party crested a bald hilltop in the forest with a moderately distant view of Corley. To thier surprise, they could see another army, adorned in argent and gold, surrounding The town. While discussing the possible meanings if this, pietri warned the party that someone was coming. The party rode back down off the hill, encountering another mounted group of equal size dressed in the argent and gold of the Crusade of St. Camarilla.

The leader of the opposing party eyed the bright blades cooly. While a knight beside him held up a medallion, then pointed at each of the party’s mage’s in turn. Even pietri, who was invisible at the time. Sir Leonardo and Sir jean each announced themselves and thier affiliations to break the tense silence.

The opposing leader then announced himself and declared that he was here to find heretics, and that if the rest of the party walked away from the wizards and the cause of the false saint Kobus, they would be free to go. He gave them some time to talk it over. Sit Leonardo attempted to reason with the witch hunter, but to no avail. Just as the party resolved to fight rather than to run, the witch hunter announced that time was up.

Without waiting for the enemy to move, sir Itzal, and sir jean moved forth to meet the enemy. The two parties met in a violent Melee. In the end the enemy party was killed to a man. Sir Itzal, Felix, and Wymond were wounded unto unconsciousness. Berengar rounded up the surviving enemy horses and the party placed the bodies of most of the fallen over their horses and rode to a cave to camp and sort things out.

Now the party waits for it’s unconscious members to awaken so they can decide on a course of action



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