The Road Less Travelled

Book 2, Session 5

Spies like us

The morning after the siege of Bagnesport the Bright Blades were contacted by two Disciples of St. Wiley named Cirino DiNanni and Lorenz Geisler to see if they were willing to go on an intelligence gathering trip into enemy controlled territory. Naturally they agreed without reservation. The party travelled a day and a half by horse to the town of Corley. Berengar, Wymond, Sir Albrich, and Sir Jean stayed outside in the woods to guard the horses. Cirino, Lorenz, Sir Itzal, Felix, and Pietri proceeded into the town dressed as enemy soldiers. Once inside the town Lorenz split off to perform his own mission.

Cirino’s group approached the wizard part of camp and managed to get in through a combination of Pietri’s stage skills, Cirino’s ventriloquism, and a little help from St. Wiley. Once inside they were able to swipe valuable intelligence about enemy forces, and some useful magical texts. Their attempt to leave did not go near so well as their entrance and one of the guards noticed their ventriloquism ruse. Cirino used some help from Wiley to convince the guards to let them pass, but it seemed likely they might soon realize they were duped.

While this was going on, Sir Jean’s group was accosted by an Orc hunting party (or was it the other way around?), but emerged victorious with only a scratch or two.

Cirino’s group reunited with Sir Jean’s group, only to discover that Lorenz was still missing. Cirino spilled the beans that Lorenz had been going to debrief a spy in the enemy camp and should have been back first. Worried Cirino resolved to go back into the town to determine Lorenz’s fate and help if he could. Pietri and Sir Itzal agreed to help and most of the party decided to stay behind. Berengar disagree with the plan and initiated a brief tussle to try to force everyone to leave with the information gained. In the end Cirino and his volunteers went back into the town.

They found Lorenz in the backroom of a tavern being questioned by the tribune in charge of the enemy forces holding Corley and two other wizards with a bodyguard outside watching the back alley. Using stealth, the invisibility spell and a knife, Pietri reluctantly assassinated the body guard. Sir Itzal entered the room where the questioning was taking place posing as a messenger with Cirino using invisibility and ventriloquism to back him up and communicate in the enemy’s language. Meanwhile Pietri lined up his stoneshards spell for a shot through the window at the Tribune. He missed, but Sir Itzal’s almost preternaturally fast reflexes salvaged the situation by stabbing the Tribune in the face. Cirino managed to do the same to one of the other wizards, and before he could fully react Sir Itzal finished the last wizard. The party tried to make a calm retreat incognito out of the town but the exhausted Lorenz failed to keep his aura suppressed and they were noticed. A mad dash and dome magic got them over the walls and back toward the rest of the party.

The rescue party met back up with the horse party but they were pursued by a beast shaper and half a dozen griffins. The party retreated to the far side of the woods and chose their ground for the fight. A short but brutal encounter left Berengar on the ground and every enemy dead or bleeding on the earth. Guarding the intelligence they had acquired the party absconded back to camp.



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