Massimo Di Ricci

the other wild mage


Massimo is the only living wild mage citizen of the Errish Ecclisiocracy, and a member of the Order of Magi. most wild mages in the ecclesiocracy are lynched by their fearful communities when their powers first manifest. Massimo was fortunate enough to have a learned Priest of St Azriel nearby when his powers manifested, who shamed and dispersed the lynch mob. he brought Massimo to the Order of Magi so he could learn to use his gifts in service to Azriel.

his powers are over water, giving him the ability to swim better than a dolphin, move great amounts of water, and supposedly other manifestations not yet seen.
his powers work best when serene. emotions like fear, or anger seem to make his powers unreliable.

he seems a nice, unassuming fellow of friendly temperament. were it not for a strong language barrier he might make a good friend.

Massimo Di Ricci

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