The Road Less Travelled


Book 1 - The Hollow Men

The story begins with Sir Jean of Autenberry, a knight of Savram that wishes to found a reputable mercenary company. This sort of thing takes quite a bit of capital, real fighting experience, and a reputation for integrity and competence. his plan for acquiring these necessary traits is to gather a small corp of adventurous individuals about himself and work toward all three at once. his first step was to take on a contract with the Baron of Langden to rid his lands of some brigands that have been troubling the region for a year. his second step was to take a short riding tour of the land and invite suitable men in person and by posted flier to join him at the Brine and Moon Inn at the Village of Langden around Noon on the 10th of September.

Our heroes arrive at Langden separately shortly before, or on, the appointed day.



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