The Road Less Travelled

Book 2, Sessions 1-4

War, War Never Changes

Too much time has passed for me to make an accurate prose summary of events so I’m going to drop some bullet points and brief explanations

Road to War

  • party journeys to Wyrmcastle in Welcor to enlist as a mounted infantry unit under the banner of St. Kobus for the crusade to the wildlands.
  • Felix sees his grandfather to show off the new spell he invented. grandfather is unimpressed.
  • party meets Lance’s Father. after hearing of Lance’s intention to go to war, he also volunteers to join the crusade.
  • a manifested demon attempted to kill Halt in the middle of the night but was rebuffed by the party. felix’s grandpa investigated and confirmed it was a demon working on it’s own and not likely sent by a demonologist.
  • Sir Itzal investigated and experimented with his mystical bond, discovering he is bound to some sort of wolf like spirit being in the fey court of the hunt-master. he discovered that he could avoid having to hunt by defeating the wolf spirit in a mental duel, but this weakened the wolf spirit, angering it’s master.
  • party travels to Er and camps for the winter
  • party trains a group of volunteers into passable soldiers
  • party meets Massimo, a wild water mage in the service of the Ecclesiocracy of St. Azriel. Lance discovers that Massimo seems to have the opposite of his difficulties, he must calm himself and put aside emotion or his powers are disrupted.

The war is joined

  • Crusade forces land at port of Tanad in wild lands. majority of forces begin march south but most of St. Kobus’s forces reboard the boats and after a couple days sail south.
  • Assault on Bagnesport begins. land forces assault northern wall of town. forces from St Kobus, including the party, begin an amphibious assault on the the town’s port.
  • the party and their allies defeat the enemy resistance at the dockside and are preparing to go to proceed to their secondary goal, capturing and holding bridges.



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