The Road Less Travelled

The bright blades made it back to camp unmolested. they took care of a few errands like deciphering a new spell, talking to Councilor Sauvaterre about spy missions and flying with fire, trading the deciphered spell for knowledge of another, getting chewed out by Lance’s mom for going on spy missions and trying to fly with fire, and meeting/sparring with Ritter Anton DiIvo of the Ecclesiocracy, a cultural liaison assigned to work with the bright blades by Ritter Aristedes Bissett.

The next day the army split into two factions. Most of Kobus’s contingent and the bright blades went to Corley to capture and hold the ford while harrying enemy forces, while the larger force proceeded south to besiege the port of Springhaven.

as mounted infantry the bright blades participated in the harrying action, inflicting ranged casualties on the retreating soldiers. between harrying runs the enemy cavalry staged a counter attack. Sir Jean, ever eager, ordered the charge. at first the warriors of bright blades charges looked like they would make short work of the enemy force, but when the enemy cavalry succeeded in countercharging the exposed mage’s things started to go sour. Felix was knocked senseless and probably dying from a lance charge to the helmet. Lance was clobbered by an enemy charge soon after and hit the dirt. Sir Albrich and Sir Jean were charged from behind and dazed by hits to the torso. an enemy horseman charged Sir Anton, who had been unharmed thus far. He trampled Lance’s prone form sending him further into unconsciousness, then Struck Sir Anton at speed with a lance to his unarmored face, killing him instantly. Sir jean and Sir Albrich succumed to enemy blows son after, just before reinforcements in unknown heraldry arrived.

Sir Albrich woke a short time later to find an allied wizard named Master Ven ministering to their wounds. The party was assisted to the healer’s tents where their wounds received further treatment. due to their wounds and blood loss the bright blades are being selected to remain in Corley along with a guard force to hold the ford should the empire try to flank the crusade’s forces.



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